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HAHA! YESS! Charmings reaction, and Snow just waving it off. I love these two!

I’m guessing this is the show’s way of saying, “We won’t really be addressing all of the things people said and did under the curse in any meaningful way.”

Then again, the next episode seems to be dedicated to that, so I’ll cut K&H some slack pending my viewing of it.

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  • Snow:Okay, twenty eight years of birthday presents to make up for. I covered the first fourteen. I tried to get a good mix of sentimental stuff and things that she can actually use now. Books, toys, clothes, what have you. What about you? What’s in the bag?
  • Charming:Swords.
  • Snow:Swords?
  • Charming:Fourteen swords.
  • Snow:No.
  • Charming:But this one’s jewel encruste-
  • Snow:No.
  • Charming:Are you the one they call the Hatter?
  • Jefferson:I am.
  • Charming:You drugged and kidnapped both my wife and daughter, dude. This presents a problem.
  • Jefferson:The Winter Soldier's gotta do what the Winter Soldier's gotta do.
  • Charming:You-- I KNEW you looked familiar. Fandral! I'm Fandral. We met at Coulson's birthday bash a few years ago.
  • Jefferson:Fandral, buddy, that's right! We played one killer game of Asgardian beer pong.
  • Emma:This is not the direction I was expecting the conversation to go.
  • Henry:Have either of you seen Emma? I want to ask her something.
  • Snow:She’s out, but maybe we can help. What's eating at you?
  • Henry:It’s this girl. See, at first I thought she liked me, but she was actually just using me to steal stuff.
  • Snow:Oh, jeez.
  • Charming:Steal stuff, you say? In my experience, the best time to meet women is while they’re stealing. Preferably from you.
  • Henry:What?
  • Charming:Has she given you a sarcastic nickname yet?
  • Snow:Henry, go.
  • Charming:Shot you in the arm?
  • Snow:Go ask someone else.
  • Charming:I wonder if we should invite her to dinner?
  • Snow:Literally anyone else.

Guys, there is a Once Upon A Time game now


On the Facebook page. It’s called Mr Gold’s Untold Stories, and it’s got loads of sweet little insights into things like Emma/Graham that the show didn’t really go into loads of detail about. It also has a chipped cup to find.


They had me up until “you must involve your friends and share content.” Nope. I don’t spam my friend’s dashboards with crap. I’ll just have to hear all of these untold stories from folks who have already played through.

Bobby said something to me, he thinks that there’s a part of Rumplestiltskin that kind of wishes he could be Charming.

Edward Kitsis, “A Land Without Magic” Commentary

Rumples/Charming brOTP 4ever

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  • Snow:No one's ever been willing to die for me.
  • Charming:No one you can remember.
  • *kiss*
  • Snow:...Charming?
  • Charming:Yes, yes it's me!
  • *more kissage*
  • Snow:This teary reunion has been wonderful, but something's just occured to me. I shot you.
  • Charming:Yeah, you-- oh my god. You shot me.
  • Snow:I'm so sorry--
  • Charming:You SHOT me.
  • Snow:I did. I did shoot you.

I mustache you a question…



Happy Father’s Day Fairy Tale Dads

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That one time when Charlotte showed up at the ball and stole all the princes. 

I love Charlotte.