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So was Zelena created to make Regina look better by comparison? Because that’s the vibe I’ve been getting from my dash on her character.


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what the fuck happened to once upon a time

Fan pandering and show runners with short attention spans.

Imagine a Hunger Games AU where the people in the Capitol decided Gale was hotter so they decided to kill Peeta and bring the hot one into the Arena while Katniss swooned in the background.

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She’s being a bitch because the love of her life was just turned into a golden statue and she’s not allow to mourn him because she is immediately thrust into a loveless, politically motivated marriage.

Not to mention, she’s probably judging David based on Prince James’ reputation.

And, don’t forget, when she found out that David was in love with Snow White, she kicked him to the curb, breaking their kingdom’s alliance, so that he could be with his True Love. 

Truthfully I kind of hated her to start with, but once the episode with Frederick happened, she became one of my favorite favorites. So even when she’s being bitchy, I love her so much. I am glad to see her back. I’d like to see her and Frederick reunited in SB, though.

Trying true love’s kiss until her lips bled. Because maybe, just maybe, it could work. Because maybe, just maybe, she could get to his lips through solid gold.

Frederick became gold by touching her father in the process of saving his life.

So her father is making her marry another man after turning the love of her life into gold because he wants an alliance with another kingdom.

It’s amazing that she isn’t just throwing her shoes in Charming’s face.

But actually it isn’t.

Because she is Abigail, who handles everything with public poise and secret strength. And she is Kathryn, who decides on her own to apply to law school in Boston and gets accepted.

She is the person who defies her father and breaks the alliance of the kingdoms because she refuses to be a pawn in a world where women are bargaining chips. She is the person who accepts that her husband loves another woman and gives them her blessing because she wants to live her own life and dares to leave Storybrooke to make that happen.

What a bitch.

[insert mic drop]

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Come or die

Rumple if he was allowed to write the wedding invitations, probably (via whorishgreen)

I’ve read a few stories with that theme - minus the wedding invitations.

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Updated 3x18

Welcome to the OUAT fandom… where we take our family trees seriously.

That’s not a family tree, that’s the London Underground.

(also it leaves out Graham)

It’s a bit like looking for Waldo, but Graham’s there, on the far right, kinda middle.

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This is quite possibly the best thing that I have read

This is quite possibly the best thing that I have read

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Creamy Gold - 2014

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  • Snow:Neal, it's impossible. Regina was very clear about the price of our return.
  • Neal:Regina? Seriously? We're just going to take her word for it? The woman who didn't even realize the curse could be recast?
  • Snow:It was a one way trip, you know that.
  • Neal:Do we? Do we really? Every time someone says that all of a sudden a magic bean or a realm traveling mermaid or a magic boat pops out of nowhere. That's literally how we spent all of last year.
  • Charming:Even if we found them they wouldn't remember us.
  • Neal:So? You're her parents. True love kiss her memories back. Or have the blue fairy whip up another memory potion. This happens on, like, a regular basis at this point. There's protocol for this. And since when do you two recognize the word impossible anyway?
  • Charming:Just let them be Neal.
  • Neal:Screw this. Someone find me Belle. I can't--I just can't.



"I’ve always called our show the Ultimate Fanfiction" - Ginnifer Goodwin 

Except fanfiction is good.