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This looks like the kind of hotel Regina would design.

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2x05 “The Doctor” | Regina parallels

That last gif, ‘monster’ is so obviously what she’s thinking.

All I wanted last season was for Regina to realize what she’s done, and stop thinking of herself as a victim.  It’s finally starting to happen.


I really need to know:


  • Why Regina married the king
  • Why Daniel is preserved as if just dead, even though days/weeks passed between his death and Regina learning magic
  • How the newly married Regina is spending so much time away from home, to apprentice with Rum.
  • How much time Jefferson and Rum spent making their plans, and how drunk they got in the process.
  • Really, why did Regina marry a man she didn’t want to, whose daughter she blamed for her True Love’s death?

  • Henry:Mom?
  • Regina:Henry... What are you doing here?
  • Henry:You really are the Evil Queen, aren't you?
  • Regina:No, Henry...
  • Henry:Ruby was supposed to take care of me and keep me out of the way. So naturally we ended up here in the center of danger out of dramatic convenience. And now I'm just super sad.

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The origins of Regina’s power

Saw Nothingeverlost just answer an ask about this and since I was discussing this topic earlier today I thought I’d throw in my own theory about how Regina got her magic.

My current thinking is that Regina was at some point Rumple’s apprentice. The comment that sparked this discussion for me earlier was someone saying that Regina probably turned to magic (and Rumple) out of desperation to escape her current life, especially in light of her previous disgust with her mother’s magic. But if there’s one thing Daniel’s death would have solidified in Regina’s mind, it’s this: no matter what you do or how hard you fight, you’re powerless without magic. The only way you can get what you want in life is by using magic to force others to obey your will.

The moment when Regina declares that she should have let Snow die in their first encounter is, I think, the moment when she begins immuring the innocent girl she used to be, and with her all the dreams she had. That done, there’d be nothing stopping Regina from resorting to the very methods she used to reject in order to fulfill her desires.

Related to this, it’s also possible that Regina is still somewhat reluctant about learning magic even after Daniel’s death. But her mother, ever ambitious, wants Regina to learn it in secret so that Regina can manipulate Leopold or even overthrow him and become sole regent of the kingdom. Cora would, of course, be enjoying a high-ranking position of her own.



Evil Queen: You and your brother have impressed me. You aren’t the first boy or girl that I’ve sent into that…sticky sweet house. But, you are the first to emerge.

This is it.  This, right here, is the simplest way I can explain why I have issues with Regina/Evil Queen.  Why I can’t ship her with anyone.  Why she is evil all on her own and it can’t be handwaved away with excuses of abuse or manipulation.  Yes, she is a victim of abuse but she perpetuates that abuse and sends children to their death.  Sends them to be cannibalized, and doesn’t even warn them

I can’t decide whether this or her enslavement of the Huntsman/Graham was the worst thing she’s ever done. I’m leaning towards this, though, because if we go off of what happened to Hansel and Gretel her M.O. is this:

  • Find a family in the woods
  • Separate the child(ren) from their parent(s)
  • Put the parents in her dungeon
  • Herd the children to the witch’s house and force them to enter without informing them about the witch’s nature and what fate will befall them if they fail
  • Return to her palace and watch the whole scene play out through her mirror
  • Presumably kill the child’s parent(s) after the child fails (The Woodcutter was lucky, in a way: she kept alive to torment him with the knowledge that he may never find his children again. As her repeated attempts to murder Charming demonstrate, if the primary source of her ire has been disposed of she has no qualms about snipping off any loose ends)
  • Repeat steps 1-6 until some kid finally gets the apple.

It bothers me intently that she had no problem watching kids get burned alive and eaten. And even if she shut off her mirror before it got to that point, that doesn’t stop the fact that she knew exactly what was happening and that her continued attempts to have the apple prove that to her the lives of those kids were disposable, and the lives of their parents by extension.




30 days of OUAT
 ↳ day 26: favourite Snow/Regina scene → The Stable Boy

“Give me your hand!”

This scene makes me so sad. Look what they could have been.  How they bonded in minutes, and could have had a deep and lasting relationship, either mother and daughter or little sister and big sister.  If there had been honesty and blame placed in the right place (Cora) instead of pain turing into vengeance, the fate of their world would have been different.

Imagine it.  instead of lying to Snow about Daniel, Regina tells her.  And little Snow cries and apologizes and tells how Cora pulled the information from her.  A heartbroken Regina cling to the child, and even in the midst of a neglected marriage the two spend all of their time together.  They are happy.

It makes me cry, too, that Henry never got this open woman whose face lights up, and who would have been a good mother.