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Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Belle, Rumplestiltskin, Baelfire
Summary: Quick Dark One!Belle & Rumplestiltskin piece for the FYCD prompt “your antagonist and your protagonist switch roles.”


Rumplestiltskin was a man of angles, of wiry muscles and pronounced bones, but you wouldn’t know it to look at him. He moved as if ducking the slings and arrows of the gods themselves, and his face was etched with a misery that aged him far beyond his forty years. Yet somehow this small, quivering man had produced a lad who met life’s trials keen hearted and unbowed. A lad who, rather than see his father flayed under accusations of theft, had taken the advice of the queer little woman skulking ‘round the gates of Hordor’s keep and stolen into the castle to retrieve the means by which his father might be freed.

And though the Dark One wasn’t pleased that the lad had proved more cunning than she’d thought and had refused to either yield his prize or use it to claim her power for himself, her new arrangement didn’t trouble her overmuch. Because she possessed a tongue of silver and a head full of unvarnished truths, and if between them she could not conjure fears enough to spur the boy to foolish action, then surely she could do so to his father. For while Baelfire was flexible, built to adapt and survive, Rumpelstiltskin was a man of angles and he couldn’t afford to break.





#he just literally has no idea what she’s doing #’oh are you taking my string away’ #’oh alright i guess’ #’oh wait are you going to sit down next to me now what why’ #’oh my god you really are just going to sit that close to me wAIT IS YOUR HAND ON MY KNEE’ #’PLAY IT COOL RUM PLAY IT COOL’

I love when you read the casting sides for Skin Deep it says: "She forces him to stop spinning and sit with her" Well, she definitely succeeded, lol

:3 his face

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I’ve been introduced to the pairing of SilverxBelle and 
what better reason to learn how to draw a character than to make cross-ship artwork???


I’ve been introduced to the pairing of SilverxBelle and 

what better reason to learn how to draw a character than to make cross-ship artwork???

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I wrote a thing.

(Set in the same verse as Sacrifice and Inuring, where Rumplestiltskin asks for something a bit more…special than a housekeeper, and Belle trades her freedom, and her body, to the Dark One. There’s a non-con warning for the series as a whole, but not for this particular ficlet.)

Belle thought Rumplestiltskin couldn’t hear her grief, but he did. The castle stones whispered to him of brave facades that crumbled in the shadows of her room; of hours spent in baths too hot for her fragile skin to bear; of bedclothes spattered with tears and blood.

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Belle Ball Gown by *Lillyxandra

Belle Ball Gown by *Lillyxandra


Here’s what really bothers me: whatever drama is about to happen with Belle and Greg could have been avoided if they’d just told Belle the truth in the first place. There is no reason to lie to her at this point; in fact, lying to her is just making things WORSE, because now she rightly assumes that she will find no support or comfort from her supposed friends. So instead she’s going to go to the one guy who DOES believe her, who unlike Belle has access to the resources necessary to both leave town and share his story with the outside world.

So good job there, guys. You shot yourselves in the foot because once again you underestimated Belle’s capacity to employ rationality and make her own decisions when given time to adapt to a new situation.


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This is the only thing I truly cherish


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idk man good for belle

like it sucks that she cant remember but rumple needs to stop telling her to do something if she doesnt want to do it

like if she had said “ill do whatever to get my memories back” when he tried the cup thats fine but she clearly wasnt interested. he needs to back up off her for two seconds and let her recover.

Yup yup. Whale should really have put his foot down and kept her off-limits from Rumple until she’d had time to calm down and listen to the explanation of what Storybrooke is all about. Rumple rushing in and saying I NEED YOU TO FONDLE THIS CUP was reallllly not helping.

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